Chairman’s Cup Polo Tournament

They Came, They Slayed, They Vibed

The highly anticipated Chairman’s Cup wrapped up The Nairobi Polo Season in style as fashion and lifestyle enthusiasts graced the fashion filled event.

Attendee were treated to the glam flare into the latest event trends in the industry. Held at the Nairobi polo club, the event saw a full turnout both days both in the clubhouse stands and at the lively Tusker Malt Social experience area.

Sponsored by Kenya Breweries Limited’s flagship brand, Tusker Malt delivered everything promised by bringing other elements to add more excitement outside the field of play, such as fashion installations, art showcases and much more.

The Luxe Bros and Luxe Ladies showcased exquisite fashion catering for men and women respectively as spectators and players alike enjoyed the high-intensity action on the field while enjoying the premium beer.

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As a partner of the Nairobi Polo Club, Tusker Malt once again demonstrated its dedication to supporting and promoting sports in Kenya.

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