Carrefour debuts self-service shopping (Video)

At its Westgate Mall location, the retail chain Carrefour has installed a self-service checkout so that customers can browse and make purchases without the aid of cashiers.

For customers to scan products and pay with cashless methods like M-Pesa, the service counters have digital screens and hand-held barcode readers.

Dubai-based The service, which is limited to customers with fewer than 15 items, will be implemented in additional locations across the nation in the upcoming months, according to Majid Al Futtaim, the sole owner of Carrefour’s franchise in Kenya.

Carrefour Opens New Store in Westgate Mall

“We are proposing a new fast solution for payment when customers complete their shopping at Carrefour,” said Christophe Orcet, Majid Al Futtaim retail regional director for East Africa.

Customers will select “Start” on the digital screen to access the service, scan their products with the barcode reader, and finish the transaction by tapping “Finish & Pay.”

Mr. Orcet pointed out that the Carrefour self-checkout service is the first of its kind in Kenya, providing customers with quick transactions and doing away with the inconveniences brought on by lengthy lines.

In addition to the Kingdom of Bahrain and Qatar, Carrefour has adopted the quick and convenient service in other markets where it conducts business.

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