Cafe Kaya Not To Admit Clients Below 21 Years Of Age

Earlier on Sunday,  the cafe Kaya management announced that they will not be having clients below the age of 21 as from Monday 24th October. In a statement dated 23rd october, cafe Kaya announced that  they will only be accepting guests who are 21 years and above during happy hour and after.

Part of the statement read:

”Guests will be required to provide their national IDs to be attended to by the restaurant during all happy hours and beyond that is from Monday – Saturday from 4pm and from 2pm onwards on Sundays. We will cancel reserved tables that do not adhere to this Age limit policy. We will also ask customers below that age limit to leave 30 minutes before happy hour timings begin.”

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Adding, ”Cafe Kaya takes on its responsibility to serve our customers in the best possible ambience always. We have listened to our customers and other stakeholders and we believe this is one more step that we can ensure our regular customers have a fantastic experience without incidents.
Cafe Kaya Management”

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However, this met different reactions from the clients. Some argued that most of its clients are between the ages of 18-21.

Am over 30 never stepped there but my daughter n university crew are your clients, have you by any chance done a research on who your most clients are? The below 21 are the ones who enjoy the happy hours more, sisi wazee we can afford Normal hours
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