Burger King Decline To Close Over 800 Restaurants In Russia

Russian invasion to Ukraine has affected alot of things including the food industries.

many food companies have reported loss day in day out since the war began.

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Earlier on, the Burger King is striding to deny its 15% stake in its Russian enterprises.

However, the burger chain said it can’t lawfully discontinue any operations in the market instantly.

The restaurant brand international chain declared last week it was suspending all corporate assistance for its 800-plus franchised locations in Russia.


The halt encompasses declining authorizations for additional enterprise and also halting its normal operations.

“Would we like to suspend all Burger King operations immediately in Russia? Yes. Are we able to enforce a suspension of operations today? No,” Shear said.

The Burger King embarked Russia through a cooperative scheme with businessperson Alexander Kolobov, Investment Capital Ukraine and VTB Capital, which has been hit by U.S. boycotts as an associate of a crucial Russian bank.

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