Bread Price To Shoot Up From 1st May

As people are celebrating labour day, Kenyans are not happy with the new prices of bread. However, Kenyans are set to dig deeper into their bags after prices of bread shot up.

Supa Loaf is one of the leading manufacturers of bread. They have recently updated their bread prices. They have added at least 5 shillings per every 400 grams of bread.

The 200g mini loaf will shoot up by Ksh2.50 from Ksh32.50 which the 400g which retails at Ksh55 will rise to Ksh60 representing a Ksh5 increase representing an 8.3% spike.

The 600g loaf will also increase by Ksh10 from Ksh80 while the 800g bread will increase from Ksh110 to Ksh120. 1.5kg loaf will also see a surge in price by Ksh10 from Ksh200 to Ksh220.

Apart from bread, there are other commodities that have already shot up. One of them is cooking oil. It now retails at 320 shillings per litre in local shops.

The overall year on year inflation rate as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) was 5.39 per cent, in January 2022.

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That was mainly due to an increase in prices of commodities under food (8.89 per cent) and transport (6.84 per cent) among others.

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