CHIPUKEZEEY – Good old Muthokoi Days

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Good old Muthokoi Days High School, especially if you were in the 8-4-4 system was really tough. We had to get something to spice it up and make it worthwhile. Apart from funkies, food was really crucial. Some of us had really subpar food daily and that one signature meal that was everyone’s favourite was really [...]

DISHY DELIGHT – Your favorite restaurant at your doorstep

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Your Favourite Restaurants at your Doorstep Kicker: If meal planning stresses you out and cooking is really not your thing, meal delivery services take care of planning all of that for you. Let the meals come to you. Meal delivery services do this with super easy step-by-step instructions on your phone. Sometimes you may be too busy [...]


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Dining INN   There's nothing quite like a luxurious meal that's carefully made, served to you under romantic lighting, and placed onto a fresh white tablecloth. Sadly, the price can be prohibitive for many of us, and instead we end up spending our night with takeout and a bottle of wine.   Craving a restaurant-level meal but [...]