Best Food Delivery Companies in Kenya

As times are changing, people no longer need to go to their favourite joint anymore. Technology and restaurants have advanced and now they can effortlessly deliver food to your doorstep at a small fee. Not just in food, but in other commodities too.

The companies can also deliver food in offices and not just at home.

However, here are the top five food delivery companies you would love to give a try.

Yum Delivery

Yum is the new online delivery service for ordering from Nairobi’s decent restaurants and grocery stores.

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You can always order anything or any food you want and it delivers food very fast. It works with over 250 restaurants and it was launched j. 2012. You can pay through credit or cash.

Chandarana Food plus

Chandarana Food plus has an app that enables you to shop online and from a wide offering of several things. With as little as 200, Chandarana delivers fresh vegetables and fruits, cheese, delicatessen, and fresh pastries from our in-house bakeries, dairy products, quality meat products, wines and spirits, pet food and other groceries.

Uber Eats

Uber eats is one of the most common companies for food delivery. However, you can order either breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack. By using their app, you can track your order. Customers can buy foods from different restaurants and it gets delivered to them at a small fee.


Glovo is another company that delivers food. Nonetheless, they deliver other commodities other than food. You can order groceries, it provides courier services and even a pharmacy. Just like Uber eats, Glovo joined the Kenya Market in late 2018 and started its operations from Nairobi Garage.

Jumia Food

Julia is known for its services in buying other commodities and electronics online. However, it offers food services too. Jumia Food (formerly HelloFood) presents an online platform where people can easily order food in restaurants nearby and have it delivered to them in no time.
Julia food delivers all kids of Mombasa cuisines, Fast Food, Kenyan Food, Chinese Food and many more.

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Dominos Pizza

The Dominos pizza delivers a large variety of pizzas. They include Meat Pizza, Hot Dog Bites Pizza, The Big Flavor Dipper Pizza and Barbecue Pizza. Just like other companies, they have an app to help you place your order.

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