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You have so many amazing possibilities and alternatives when you go on safari in Kenya, but your vacation will be better if you know when it’s ideal to go.

Even though Kenya is stunning and abundant with different species and plants all year round, the most satisfying safari journeys take place for only a small period of the year.

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In general, you can’t go wrong visiting Kenya for a safari from late June through September. Winter is dry, and this is the best time of year to see wildlife.

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Here is your best opportunity to see “the big 5” in addition to many more species that inhabit the land, water, and air, including lions, leopards, African buffalo, African elephants, and black rhinos.

The best time to go on a safari in Kenya is from mid-March to mid-June when it is both very wet and reasonably priced. Wait until November or December for prices that are nearly as affordable and less rainy.

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During certain times, you’ll see more newborn animals and fewer adult animals, but the cost savings and reduced crowds might be worth it to you.

Rare polka-dotted baby zebra  Fox News
Rare polka-dotted baby zebra Fox News

Avoid travelling on safari in Kenya in April or May, which are the two months with the most rainfall and the least amount of adult animal visibility.

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In April and May, you’ll also have to contend with nearly constant rain, flooding, park closures, and humidity. Therefore, it is best to forgo this time while organizing your safari trip.

Below you’ll find more detailed information about when is the best to go on a safari in Kenya.

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