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Watching movies while drinking alcohol are totally contrasting things. In fact, it is impossible to do both. Or so we thought. Movies were meant for the cinema and drinking was for the bar. And that was that.

A time for some fun in the dark. The cinema-endgame stories keep coming, and here are two in a subset of the genre “Is Movie Culture Dead?, and “Film Culture Isn’t Dead; It’s Just More Fun to hear this debates cropping up. While the native culture only speaks of movies run from the theatres in big cities and towns, many don’t know that entertaining facilities are now engulfing this culture by hosting movie nights. The whole idea behind Movie Nights is getting to enjoy a movie while still having a good time. The movie selection is superb and themed. This year’s current theme is Oscar Snubs whereby every week they screen underrated / superb films that were snubbed for an Academy Award.

The night attracts large crowds and you can easily get to rub shoulders with leading producers, directors and players in the movie industry as you spend some quality time. The K1 Movie culture narrows down to those involved with consuming the art of movies. It’s an affable way to spend time with friends and special ones if you not a ‘public’ person and theatres are not your cup of tea. The most enjoyable part is, entrée is free.

The drinking is an important part of these nights hence the various drinks offers. A buy one get one free Happy Hour on cocktails runs till 9pm while Draught Beer Happy Hour runs all day. The ambience at K1 will give you one of the best Monday night experiences.

Music is also on point with the various super DJs keeping you entertained before and after the movie. K1 is easily accessible from the CBD, so have no worries about getting there or leaving.

Movie Nights is the first of its kind in the Nairobi clubbing scene. No one has done what K1 has, proof that they are indeed trendsetters.


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