Bar At Home

While it’s always fun to watch a practiced bartender do his/ her stuff with atomizers, foams, and flying bottles, it’s really incredibly easy to make yourself a classic cocktail at home All you. need is the right equipment, and we are here to show you how.

Some of these items may already be in the kitchen (at least in the back of those deep cabinets) and the rest can be easily purchased at prices that fit any budget.

Cocktail Shaker

It’s the quintessential piece of bartender’s kit Indispensable for any cocktail involving citrus or juices


A strainer is needed to separate not only the ice, but any fruits, herbs or other solid ingredients from the liquid. Although most cocktail shakers nowadays come with a built in strainer at the top.

Bar Spoon

This special spoon with a long shaft, spiral handle and petite spoon bowl is essential for stirring and layering drinks


A muddler is thick stick (looks like a small baseball bat), made of either wood, stainless steel, or plastic, that is used to mash ingredients in the bottom of a glass.

Jigger or Measuring Glass

This essential, aesthetic piece of the bar set up helps ensure precise measuring of liquids and creating consistent cocktails

Canelle /Channel Knife or Zester

Zesters are useful for grating items like chocolates or fine lemon zests onto the top of cocktails. Another option is the canelle knife, which can serve a dual purpose- a zester and a channel

Rocks Glasses

There are a dozen specialized kinds of glassware you could get for your bar, but you really only need three – rocks glasses, martini glasses, and highballs.


A beautiful decanter adds a little elegance to a bar. The clean lines and delicate detailing on the bottle are a subtle throwback to the 1930s and the golden age of cocktails.

Cocktail Straws, Sippy Sticks or Stir Sticks

These short, thin straws or stirrers are essential when serving many mixed drinks and, occasionally straight up cocktails allowing them to keep their drinks mixed to the end.


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