Avoid These Foods If You Are Trying To Loose Weight

The journey of losing weight is not easy. There are a lot of sacrifices that one needs to make for the journey to be successful.

Starving yourself is not the best solution. You can opt to exercise or limit your food intake but not starving yourself.

Nonetheless, here are foods to avoid when trying to lose weight.



If you are trying to loose some weight, stay away from sugar. Sugar has a lot of calories. High sugar intake can cause obesity, inflammation,high triglycerides, blood sugar, and blood pressure levels–all risk factors for heart diseases.


Ladies will see this and get upset. Most men are not victims of taking too much chocolate.
Chocolates are sweet to taste but could be an enemy to your waist. Chocolate should only be consumed in moderation.

If you reduce the amount of chocolate you take, you will not worry much about gaining weight.

Fruit juices

In the journey of losing weight, taking fruit as a whole is good idea. However, when you blend, the fiber is removed and the sugar content is high in that form. which means the fruit juice becomes high in calories leading to weight gain.

Fried foods

Fried foods are sweet and we can all admit that. However, fried foods are high in calories and unhealthy fats.

Avoid eating fried foods like chips if you are trying to loose weight. Kebab too are not a good idea.


Soda is one of those drinks that we can access them anytime we want to. However, Pepsi, cola, and soda are also completely a no go zone  especially if your goal is weight loss.

Soda are high in sugar. They also hinder the absorption of iron and other nutrients.

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