Artcaffé unveils its latest venture with the grand opening of an All-Inclusive Food Market store at Village Market

On the 11th of October, 2023, Artcaffé Group celebrated the grand opening of its newest All-Inclusive Food Market store at the Village Market shopping complex in Nairobi. This exciting development underscores the Group’s steadfast dedication to providing exceptional dining and shopping experiences for its discerning clientele.

Drawing inspiration from a passion for exquisite cuisine, the Artcaffé Market showcases a range of exquisite gourmet food stores that feature meticulously curated selections of artisanal and delectable food items, as well as lifestyle products.

Artcaffe Sommelier Ms. Valentine Kamau showcasing her prowess in the fine art of pairing wine with gourmet cuisine during the grand opening Of Artcaffe Market, Village Market shopping complex branch.

The newly inaugurated branch at Village Market now stands alongside the Group’s four other prominent Market locations, offering a carefully curated array of specialty products sourced from diverse corners of the globe. The offerings include a high-end butcher, a masterfully crafted bakery, nourishing ready-to-eat meals, sustainable and fresh fruits and vegetables, and a Market Cellar boasting an impressive collection of fine wines and spirits.


In regards to its openings, the General Manager of Artcaffé Market Sylvia Karimi said “At Artcaffé Market, our mission has always been to provide our patrons with a wonderful world of discovery through food. This is coupled with quality and convenience – every product and service we offer has been meticulously thought through to provide only the best, whether it’s a quick meal to-go from the deli or hard-to-find ingredients for cooking at home

Market stores

Artcaffé presently operates five expansive Market Stores and four convenient mini-markets, ensuring accessibility to a broad spectrum of customers. The addition of the Village Market branch marks the Group’s fifth full-scale Market Store, proudly bringing the total count to nine across their network.

“Our latest outlet at the Village Market brings this full-service experience closer to shoppers within the local area. Our aim is to be within easy reach across the city. It is our pleasure and privilege to welcome you to our new store where a world of gourmet wonders awaits you!” added Ms. Karimi.

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Strategically situated to cater to residents in the Gigiri, Runda, Peponi, and Kitisuru neighborhoods, the new Village Market branch promises a unique and immersive in-store experience. Here, customers can indulge in a culinary paradise, revel in shopping ease, and participate in exciting events.
Additionally, the Village Market branch features a dedicated Wine Tasting Room, perfect for private sessions with knowledgeable sommeliers. It also offers an elegant seating area for patrons who prefer to dine amidst their shopping experience. Whether you’re browsing through diverse products, relishing freshly baked treats, choosing the finest cuts at the butcher counter, or relishing a gourmet meal from the deli, there’s something to delight every visitor.

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latest venture: All-Inclusive Food Market store at Village Market

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