Are Women better whiskey tasters?

Research indicates that women generally have a better sense of smell than men, but it’s more than just science that makes them better whiskey tasters. Surprisingly, knowledge have increased if i can quote the bible, there is a whole area of scientific research exploring how women can interpret the many flavors of whiskey when they taste it.

Few people can acknowledge that there is a strong evidence indicating women’s biology makes them better whiskey tasters. A study called Sexual Dimorphism in the Human Olfactory Bulb: Females Have More Neurons and Glial Cells than Males indicates that women have more of the cells that translate olfactory sensations into information processed by our brains.

Another publication done on the year 2019, involving sample size of more than 37000 people gave back-up to this claim as a ‘common knowledge’ on female olfactory superiority though they also emphasized that extent of the difference was small.

Women have a better taste of smell than men as an evolutionary reason. Women find men attractive based on how they smell to them. This is as it turns out that the most attractive men to women are those whose immune systems are different from their own. This comes about naturally because the mixing of immune system genes strengthens the offspring’s immune systems.

Simply, women are wired to be better smellers and tasters for the sake of the continuation of the species, and this biological differences means women can detect more subtleties in a variety of substances including whiskey.


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