Alchemist On The Spot For Turning A Black Guy Away

The Alchemist, a popular club in Nairobi, was yesterday on the limelight after alleged reports of racial discrimination. This is after a video has uncovered that the place had a special door reserved for white and Indian patrons. 

Alchemist club


In the video seen by Murgor on twitter, it depicted the joint’s bouncers sending away black Kenyans trying to use the entrance, asking them to join the queue reserved for Kenyans of African descent. 

A black man spotted in a white t-shirt tried to join the line but was pushed away by the bouncers,.

Nonetheless, this is not the first time that the club has been called out for discriminating its clients. Consequently,in August 2018, the Alchemist apologised to a group of Kenyans who were allegedly racially abused by the establishment’s bouncers. 

Alchemist Night Club Nairobi

“We have recently heard complaints from you that specifically contracted bouncers in our venue and spoken in a racist manner towards you and your friends.”

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Adding, ‘This is behavior that we will ever condone or accept, we sincerely apologize for any hurt that this has caused,” read the statement addressed to a victim identified as Cynthia.

The Alchemist officials have since apologized to the recent incident.

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