Alarm over safety concern of Kenyan Imported food

North Kilifi Owen Baya, a member of the National Assembly, has expressed worries about the standard of the food given in the nation and noted that further rules must be implemented to ensure food safety.

On Tuesday, August 15, during debates among MPs on the Food and Feed Safety Control Coordination Bill, this disclosure came to light.

A member of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party, Baya informed his colleagues lawmakers that he is aware of a foreign billionaire who travels to Kenya and brings food from his home country because of concerns about the safety of the food there.

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“Food safety means a safe country. The safety of this country is not about the army, is not about the police. The safety can also be determined by the kind of food that is supplied,” the MP asserted.

Instead of eating in Kenya, the millionaire reportedly prefers to pack his private jet with foreign goods that he subsequently consumes.

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“The tourism sector is actually losing high end tourists because they are not sure about the safety of food in this country,” the MP lamented.

The Kilifi MP claimed that milk and beef are the two goods that are most heavily impacted by this problem.

He emphasised that many travellers exercise care while thinking about buying milk or meat that is of poor quality. Despite being in high demand, these two products are more prone to contamination.

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