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Maboneng_ke- Guaranteed to satisfy your cravings 

Maboneng is nothing but a pure bliss of a facility to all lovers of wings and cocktails. Located inside One Stop Arcade in Karen on Karen Road the hidden gem is the first in Nairobi to specialize in Gin Honey Wings, Drunken Beer Wings, Tequila Ginger Wings and Whisky Coke Wings.  A quaint place, but let that not cheat you! They are Big on flavors and best for epic wings, loaded hotdogs and the cocktails are mind blowing.

Though it is located in an arcade, Moboneng, has an superb and relaxed vibe that has made it a chill-out zone for foodlovers and a place for non-casual meetings. The restaurant is a workstation where cocktails are made, and the shining glass display holds the foods for eating in or a quick takeaway. The painted walls ooze positive vibes, the ceilings hung with lamps, and sleek furniture, contrasts with the pleasant closed seating space is ideal for sit-outs in the facility. Overall, one of the better restaurants in the city amid a very cosy and homely atmosphere. Ohh! Magazines and board games can be borrowed from the counter.

Maboneng Restaurant


Maboneng is primarily a fastfood kitchen with savoury foods and cocktails available to pair with the burgers and wings. The boozy and non- boozy wings are authentic and really good. You can choose from their wide offering of wings in the simple menu: Gin Honey Wings, Drunken Beer Wings , Tequila Ginger Wings, Whisky Coke Wings or Peanut Butter Wings, pair them with their mega hotdogs and burger served with Sweet Potato Chips and  One serving of Salsa. You can enjoy all this from Tuesday through Sunday between 11am – 11pm.

Their prices range anywhere between Ksh 500 and Ksh. 2,000 for a decent meal, that’s guaranteed to settle your cravings. Among the combos that you should try and our favourites include:

Combo 1 Offer- Whisky Maple Glazed Wings – 20 pcs (Sweet & Savory Sauce topped with peat Whisky) Medium serving of Sweet Potato Chips One serving of Salsa for Ksh 1750.00

Combo 2 Offer- Kenyan style Wings – 12pcs (Mildly charred over grill and coated with homemade BBQ sauce) Fireball Hot Wings – 12pcs (Made with habanero chilli, the kind that smack-you-in-the-face-HOT) One Serving of Sweet Potato Chips One Serving of Red Coleslaw for Ksh 1950.00.

Finishing this combo with a Cocktail on happy hour is just Vibes on Vibes.

Whiskey Wings


Their cocktail counter makes this an all-in-one stop! You’ll definitely Love it!  Tag a date, a wingman or your squad any day from Tuesday to Sunday from 4pm to 7pm for their happy hour on cocktails from Buy One Get One Free.  For just ksh 750 enjoy the way to a man’s heart with this JD Honey Buck Cocktail. For ksh 700, allow yourself lose your mind – find your soul with this refreshing 500ml Krinyo Mint G & T or cup it off with their best seller Poison Ivy Cocktail that retails for ksh 800.

Maboneng Cocktails

Thumbs UP

  • Authentic Finger licking wings
  • Decor is just perfect
  • Very Amazing Cocktails
  • Superb Service
  • Perfect for good vibes

Thumbs Down

  • service is a bit slow on Sundays
  • Space is tinny. Definitely needs an increase
  • Cocktails take much time to be delivered
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