A Twisting duo- A Lovers search for her past glory

Losing a baby in pregnancy through miscarriage or stillbirth is still a taboo subject worldwide, linked to
stigma and shame. Many women still do not receive appropriate and respectful care when their baby
dies during pregnancy or childbirth. This dim chapter in Nana’s life makes a dramatic turn as Ezra comes
lowers his guard about his traditional beliefs. Grab your Ballantine’s Whisky as DANIEL NDIWA narrates
the drama.

We were strategically positioned in a way we could see the jam-packed party central. More importantly
we weren’t to miss Ezra and Nana pushing their way through the throng. We had already downed three
screwdriver cocktails coupled with neat Ballantine’s shots in between before the couple stepped in. The
two had already alerted us that they will be joining us in a few, following hours on end drama. We were
all puzzled on what could have transpired after we left the two love birds. We all tried being optimistic
that they the two could have resolved their issues. It was a tough space for Ezra. No one is born with a
guard up. Walls are built when you’ve loved openly, with your heart on your sleeve, given free love
unconditionally. To be fair, of all the things a woman may go through, miscarriage may be one of the
most poorly understood. You may feel terribly sad, yet alone, because some of the people closest to you
simply dont grasp what you’re going through. Ezra was not understanding how. To him it was a mix of
bad jinx and no favor from the gods.


The pub was already full with soccer chants getting louder. England were playing against their Welish
mafias and were already two nil up. Manchester fans couldn’t be silenced with their crazy banter. Abel
is a Senegal die-hard and they had just qualified for the round of 16 having escaped the wrath of the
Ecuadorians on a 2-1 close call. We continued imbibing as we waited for Nana and Ezra. We ordered
some few more drinks as we expressed our strong banter.
We were barely quarter of the whiskey bottle when I spotted Nana and Ezra maneuvering the hyped
fanatics. They seem to be happy and they were even holding hands. We all smiled at each other as we
stood up and got Ezra and Nana a place to seat. We ordered more drinks for them. You seem to be
happy, whats good? I asked Ezra. "Bro, I just came here to make things right with you all and say sorry for my lose tongue. It was reckless of what I said in the heat of a moment. Losing a baby can be
devastating. Bereavement, grief and loss can cause many different symptoms and they affect people in
different ways. I guess that took a toll on me. There;s no right or wrong way to feel. Nana and I have decided to solve our differences and we are now good.

I feel sorry I was almost losing my babe.
"Tell us more, we are happy to hear that" Alex interjected.
Ezra continued:

Well, you see, Nana and I have been going through a lot but we could not communicate. So today, both
of us decided to work things out. Nana has always been a supportive girl and I never had time to talk to
her. I was so hard on her that she couldn’t open up about anything at all. You see, Nana had some
condition in which she was afraid of telling me and she really wanted someone whom she could talk to. I
felt bad I wasn’t that person because of how I made her feel. She thought that maybe she would loose
me if she ever disclosed. After our latest deep conversation, Nana had decided to open up and I really
felt her. Bro, I realized that I had a gem with me. Communication is everything and am sorry for getting
too deep into my traditions and forgot the current world we are living in. We are now together and am
willing to support her in all what she will be doing.
Nana had a condition that could affect her fertility. It was genetic. She needed someone whom she
could talk to and still be together despite that. Opening up to her boyfriend made a lot of difference.
Soon after we parted ways, we all went home happy. All our differences came to an end.

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