A swift Story in the making of Martell

With Martell, there is more to Cognac than on the rocks. The oldest of France’s great cognac houses opens the doors of its historic site and invites you to embark on a journey through its history, terroir and savoir-faire. Martell Discovery is a fascinating guided tour spanning 300 years from Jean Martell to the present day.

Martell Cognac is the oldest of the big four Cognac houses. It was founded by Jersey-born Jean Martell in 1715. Blending is an art which has been passed on through nine generations of Maison Martell Cellar Masters. At Martell, the swift has played an important role in our history for over three centuries, symbolizing freedom and a daring spirit. Artist Jacky Tsai took this historic emblem of Martell to create the story for our first NFT, “The Voyage of the Swift,” illustrating its ability to soar and standout through his signature bright colours and bold designs.


Bottling a Martell cognac

Continue your discovery of Maison Martell by following up your tour (Discovery or Heritage) with an original experience around savoir-faire. Step into the authentic atmosphere of the Creation Cellar, dating back to 1838, on the historic Martell site. You will be welcomed by a Martell guide, who will lead you through the process of bottling one of the House’s cognacs, Martell Noblige.


Remarkably smooth and fruity, Martell VS is perfect to be enjoyed in cocktails. Distilled from clear wines, this cognac offers a richer aromatic experience. Maison Martell is alone among the great cognac houses to distill exclusively clear wines, from which all the lees have been removed.

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This specificity results in the generous, authentic fruit aromas of Martell VS. A cognac remarkably smooth, elegant, with a great aromatic richness.

The Color

Rich, clear gold.

The Aroma

Intense aromas of plum, apricot and candied lemon.

The Taste

Intense fruit aromas and a remarkable sense of smoothness on the palate.


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