6 Cool Ways to Recycle Empty Wine Bottles

Many people’s habit is to toss the wine bottles anywhere they can find after consuming the content. But this does not have to be the case. Doing this might cause a lot of environmental hazards. And you don’t want this for anyone. Hence, you have to look for alternative means. Here are ways you can make use of your creative energy to turn them into a new household item.


These are made from bottles cut from wine bottles, sanded, polished and beveled leaving a smooth finish with no rough or sharp edges


Wine bottles make a great terrarium to keep fresh herbs around the house. You will want to first layer in pebbles for drainage, then a layer of charcoal, and then your soil.

Spoon Rest

One can never have enough spoon rests.  Melted wine bottles make exceptional spoon rests. that adds a conversation piece to the mix

Hanging Wall Vase

A piece of functional art, rustic wine bottle hanging vase are stunning


The perfect center piece for a dining area, made from recycled wine bottle chandelier is worth the splurge

Make A Decorative Light Holder

You can make a decorative light holder for your home or office. You can also use it for a special occasion like anniversary celebrations.

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