When you do catch someone lying to you, it’s usually a real whopper. These are the kinds of lies that are so insulting to be the recipient that it’s hard to think straight. In these moments, you want to keep the conversation constructive, without letting the liar off the hook, which is a difficult thing to pull off. Grab your Ballantines Whisky and drift with DANIELNDIWAH on this as we decode the deceit

I had no idea of what to do. But for sure I was exorbitant. I couldn’t allow my feelings to get the better of me, so I decided to go back to the bar. I had that sarcastic laughter and couldn’t help but wonder how she had pulled that stunt on me. I felt vanquished. Allan stared at me as I staggered back with a blunt face that questioned why I was back. I ordered a Ballantine’s double on the rocks and then proceeded to engage him on what had engulfed my mind. “I think she had been fibbing all along, what would she even tell me after she already discovered I know this?” Allan jokingly answered, “You will still fall for her again”

This is the time that I started to relate everything that happened on our first date. But how could she manage all this? We continued imbibing. Allan is the type of guy, who knows it all. While some of his suggestions sound blathered, they are always working and so I followed suit on this. We went back to her IG page and started scrolling and analyzing each picture. She was so creative! I mean, her Instagram could tell it all, well-curated and eye aesthetic. The biggest question was how she managed to lie and how many people always fall for her lies.

Allan had a plan by now. We had to be DCIs for a moment. The curiosity in me I wanted to know everything about Jane. Following the old sage, show me your friends and I will tell you who you are, her friend (the one she had invited) was our gateway to her gimmicks. Part of our plan was hooking up Allan with Jane’s friend. It sounded solid.

After some forethought at the joint, I was calm enough to go home with a straight face acting all good. As always, Allan saw me off with a parting double shot before I drove off. I was feeling a little tipsy but still joined the girls for a few drinks. Jane welcomed me well, with a warm hug followed by a soft kiss. She was now all over me as we cuddled on the sofa. I couldn’t hide that I wasn’t in my right mind. I was waiting for the best moment to ask her all that I found out.

I received a text from Allan. He asked me if it was the right time for him to chat with Jane’s friend, Marya on the gram.  Allan was good in flirting and she could win any lady. I gave him the green light. Now Marya was sunk in texts smiling all through. She could even forget that we were there.

So, we continued flirting with Jane as the night wore on. I had a lot to ask her but I was keen not to lay bare what I already know. Allan was keeping me in touch with how their conversation was flowing.  We skewed our alibi as a football conversation to keep it safe, whenever Jane popped in an incoming text

Marya accepted Allan’s date. The night was cold and growing, and Marya decided to leave. Jane was to stay a little more with me. I was not done with her before she could go to the next ‘target’.

‘Bet imeingia!’ I saw a text popping. They, Allana and Marya, were to meet the next day in one classy drinking joint the next day.

The next day, Allan finally met with Marya. According to Allan, every part of their conversation looked like it was cloned from our conversation. This was art the two ladies had perfected. But am sure Allan did not feel what I felt on the first date since he could predict all Marya’s moves unlike me. After their successful date, Allan texted me and we planned on when we can meet next and discuss the way forward.   TBC…

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