Nothing like a good ‘ol hearty Kenyan meal . Irene Cheptap takes us for a dishy escapade with some lunch treat. It’s time for #Kitushwari2020 thanks to Unga wa Dola. Well It’s (Matumbo X UgaliNaManagu with an avocado for lunch. Irene ticks her box with some managu to maintain the burst of colour for the matumbo. Who is boarding? #LetsConverse , how best do you cook your Ugali- Matumbo? #Letscookwithdola

Recipe by Irene Cheptap

1.Wash your Matumbo thoroughly, then boil them with lemon to eliminate the foul smell
2.Put enough oil in the pan for few minutes to make it hot then add the matumbo
3.Let it cook for 15 minutes then add your onions
4.Cook for few minutes then add hohos ,after few minutes add tomatoes and cover to let them mash
5.If fully mashed your Matumbo is ready, add hot chili to spice it up and stir.

Serve with HOT UGALI cooked easily with #Ungawadola to get the soft Ugali and its’ vibrant white colour and accompany with some managu and avacado.