For many people getting the food ready is the most important part of hosting a dinner but the work is only half done then. If the food is amazing only one thing can make it even better, the art of table setting. Likewise, when you go to a jeweller he will showcase his finest jewels over a velvet cloth. The details of contrast are what sets the presentation apart. Besides, knowing how to set the perfect table is a power move in itself. Needless to mention how that comes into play this valentine.

In an informal setting where only you and your boo are involved the elaborate details of table setting need not to be over the top. A personal set up that reflects on your relationship is better advised and here are some guidelines to get you on track to hosting the intimate dinner.


  • Keep a set of cloth napkins, if you don’t have a set already this would be a good time to invest in one. Get funky with your napkins. Fold them, roll them, or use a pretty ring. Napkins can really tie a whole table together. Pick a colour that will work best with your set up.
  • Place mirrors – This is probably the most overlooked, but the most important detail of the table setting. The reflection from the candle light, glass jars, and candle holders boosts up the whole setting, turning it to be more elegant and breath-taking.
  • Rose petals and beads – Spread over some petals and/or beads very lightly through the room. Use petals from fresh flowers.
  • Centrepiece – This is an item that really brings together the whole setting. It needs to be noticeable but not too loud. It can range from a floral setting to personalized hand written cards to candle holders. Of course this isn’t your typical candle holder. If the centrepiece holds sentimental value, the better.
  • Provide a water glass and another for alcohol if you will be serving wine with dinner.
  • When a soup of any sort is served, remember to scoop it away from you.  Transfer it to your mouth from the side of the soup spoon and not from the end of it.



  • Don’t use strongly scented flowers. Opt for subtler scents. Submerged flowers work really well. Get a tall transparent vase, fill it with water and spread in a few petals. Drop the flower, not only does this mask the flower’s scent but it looks magnificent against candle light.
  • Candles – Don’t use too many of these, the room doesn’t need to look as if it’s on fire. Spread out the candles especially if they are scented to have a diluted smell across the room.
  • Don’t play music that will offend or distract. Like a centrepiece it should not upstage the meal.
  • Don’t blow your food, if it’s too hot wait for it to cool down then you can eat.
  • Don’t season your food before you taste it.