Let’s talk aphrodisia, food has always been an integral part of our love lives, whether you are gifting treats or feeding your lover. One thing is for sure though, you don’t need to be dining by the sea side to incorporate a little romance in the meals you share with your loved ones. Break the cycle this month and show your love by sharing a healthy treat.

Here are a couple of treats to help ignite that spark and keep the flame burning.


  1. Coconut Water – The fact is, it’s been proven that coconut water’s electrolytes are beneficial to the proper flow of your blood, and one of the biggest contributors to a healthy sex life is, of course, proper flow of blood to your sexual organs. It’s easy to incorporate coconut water into a healthy diet to benefit your libido, as it can be put into smoothies and cocktails but many people drink it straight on.


  1. Chilli Peppers – Chilli peppers are a sensual stimulant all their own. The active ingredient in chilli peppers — the thing that gives it the spiciness and makes your heart pump is one of the top aphrodisiacs, because it promotes the release of endorphins by raising your heart rate. The combination of the increased heart rate and the increased presence of endorphins in your body will raise your libido almost instantly!


  1. Chocolate –There is a reason why men like to gift chocolate to their lovers and it’s not only for its cocoa goodness. The treat boosts your libido. It triggers your body to release the same chemical that it releases when you’re having sex with a partner.


  1. Vanilla – Vanilla seeds are prized for their amazing taste and vanilla also helps increase libido. Rumour has it that men are turned on by the smell of vanilla, and they rate the scent of vanilla as being the most pleasurable of all. Could be subjective but who can dispute the sweet aroma of vanilla.



  1. Bananas – Bananas make it to the aphrodisiac list, bananas with their phallic shape already looklike a feel-good food but these aphrodisiac foods also contain bromelain, an enzyme which triggers testosterone production.


  1. Watermelon – The pigment that makes watermelons red, lycopene, also found in tomatoes has an effect on the body that relaxes blood vessels and enhances circulation. This has a Viagra like effect.


  1. Strawberries – These are probably the most playful fruits around. Other than being rich in vitamin C which is essential for blood circulation they are also quite fun to feed each other.


  1. Asparagus – Veggies too can be sexy. Other than their phallic shape they have goodies inside too. Packed with both vitamins B6 and E, these greens are set up to boost bodily production of sex hormones and arousal.


  1. Pomegranates – Filled with anti-oxidants these gems work miracles for your blood flow, especially for men. Mystic has it that the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden was not an apple but actually a pomegranate.