Kibandaski Lingo 2020

Kibandaski Lingo 2020

Here is a list of foods and terms that should be recognizable in any good Kibandaski. These are also must try stuff.

• Ugali wembe – ugali saucer
• Ugali kipchoge – ugali ya brown , from millet
• Ugali mlima – usually bigger than the normal ugali , so you add 10 Bob
• Ugali funika / Mchele funika – comes moulded in shape of a bowl. “Usiniwekee funika”
• Ugali Migingo – ugali and omena

• Miti – Tooth picks
• Chafua – This is smear soup, mostly either ndengu or madondo (beans) soup. Luckily if you know your kibanda people they can hook you up with some beef stew – now you see the importance of being a local at your joint.
• Ya ndani – Matumbo
• Karare- Half chapo
• Combat – Githeri – “Nichezeshee combat”

• Mchele Njeri – Rice with waru and peas
• Kadhalika – This is a mix of everything; greens, cabbage , ndengu or madondo. Usually served with some rice, chapo or ugali
• Kidungi – fork
• Kidero – Tap water
• Chapo Beyonce – white chapo with meat
• RnB – Rice and Beans
• Choma – this is Chapo/Mandazi that has been chopped into many small pieces and smeared with madondo/ndengu soup.
• GSU – Githeri, sukumawiki na Ugali

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