Round table with-Jay take a pic

Round table with-Jay take a pic

Plug in with Jay Take a Pic

Who’s Jayson in a nutshell?
I am a food and lifestyle blogger based in Nairobi —  a city that is ready and ripe for the youth to dominate just by the click of a button.

Aside from your blog, Jay Take a Pic, what else do you do?  
I am an account manager in a digital firm in Nairobi. I joined the digital space a couple of years back as a lifestyle blogger and it opened door for me.

What’s an ordinary weekend for you like?
Lol, hectic! I usually have a 40-60 hour work week, so I don’t get a lot of time to do much during the week — I have to make time for family, catch up with friends, get to shopping and try my hardest to create content.

How many different ways can you incorporate cheese into your meals?
Every way I can; cheese burgers, chicken bakes with cheese, wine with cheese — I love me a good cheese platter.

How do you like your cheese?
I am a big fan of the pungent stuff. But I am also a fan of the classic swiss and cheddar cheese melted on a burger.

What’s your preferred cheese pairing ?
Well, I am currently loving pinot grigio and it goes really well with mozzarella. It’s so creamy — I absolutely love the combination.

What’s your favourite type of cheese ?
I’m a blue cheese die hard fan.

What’s your go-to wine when having cheese? 
I am big fan of white wine, so probably a sauvignon blanc with a cheddar. Everyone has their palate, and this works for me.

What’s your favourite cheese-incorporated meal?
Blue cheese in broccoli soup. Sounds strange, but it is such a treata

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