Ease Breakfast Mandazi Recipe

Ease Breakfast Mandazi Recipe

Ease Breakfast

Mandazis -Recipe by: foodsbykollo

Start your morning like a king with these fresh Homemade Mandazis


600g @pembeflour wheat flour
3tbsp margarine
1/2cup sugar or less
1tsp Vanilla Essence
Milk ( enough)
Baking Powder


1.Mix the flour,baking,sugar into one bowl
2. Rub in your margarine into the flour mixture till well incorporated.
3.Make a well and add vanilla essence into the milk,pour in milk and knead…knead until its well formed like chapati dough.
4.cover with a dump cloth for 30min.
5. Roll out and cut into desired size and shapes and let the. Sit for 15-30min.
6.Deep fry in medium hot oil and enjoy

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