The girls are back from their trip to Asia and they gather over a bottle of Moet and Chandon to reminisce about their favourite parts of the getaway.

 China was great,the girls had a lot of fun. Grace however had also been there for business seeing that she used the trip to go shopping for stock for her new electronics shop back home. Now it’s back to business, although something was different it’s been a week now since they left the breathtaking island but Grace seemed different, she’s glowy than usual. Well she’s always stunning but this seemed like a different kind of glow. “Okay what’s up?” Brenda, the talkative one and clearly the most observant wasn’t going to let that go that easily. Curious minds surrounded her, they all wanted the beans spilled. “What are you talking about,” Grace asked smiling suspiciously.That smile couldn’t fool anyone no matter how daft you were, you’d definately sense that something was up.

“Look at you, you are really going to deny it? How long have we known each other? I know something’s up your sleeve, you’ve been happier than usual this past few weeks and surprisingly jumpy so am pretty sure your hiding something spicy. Now shoot”Okay she blew her cover, damn those girls were smart. She didn’t want to tell them yet, it was too soon. She wanted to surprise them but she had no choice, it was time. She took a deep breath, exhaled and started rumbling about the mystery man she met in Shanghai. She had met Yang in the Shangai Airport as she was setting up a plan for cargo shipment.

“Sasa. It’s not everyday me huona people from Nairobi.” The tall buff guy behind the Air China desk took her aback as he greeted her. “How do you know Swahili?” she asked “How about I take you out and tell you all about it.” He was smooth and his smile made her feel some way. There was no way she was saying no to this. One thing led to another and now her girls were all mushed up around her devouring every word she was saying over a bottle of Beefeater Gin.

On the other hand Ann didn’t look quite herself since their arrival in Nai. The job promotion thing is a big step for her and it’s something she’s always dreamt of, I mean we are talking about a raise, new begginings and all but Italy is in another continent. That meant she’ll have to leave everything behind; from her old life, friends, family and her lover. That’s what bothered her the most. Everyone knew most long distance relationships don’t work,was this going to be the end of hers?

Despite all the excitement Grace noticed the sudden change in Ann, “What’s wrong? You don’t look happy.” She felt bad as she didn’t want to make all this about herself, she was happy  for Grace, she truly was but her own ship was sinking and she needed her friends. “It’s Ken, I think we are going to take a break, I don’t think this will workout.”

“One thing I came to pick out from this chaotic world is that love is a beautiful thing and no matter how many memes people share or what advice you’ll take in, love will always exist. Whether you are miles away or not, the magic will always be there. It’s up to you to make it happen. Never end a beautiful thing out of fear, find a way to make it work. Ken is a really great guy you’d be dumb to let him go, fight for this,” That’s all Brenda said. It kind of helped her a bit, ultimately it’s what she needed to hear. Now back to Grace. The girls were going to meet Yang in the weekend. It turns out he’s half Chinese,half Mexican, they were so excited. The day was finally here and as always they all dressed to kill. Yang had already booked a table for them in Kempinski,they were welcomed by a glass of Moet. There they were,they lookin all so cute together, Grace was all smiley and she didn’t even realize it.

“Saseni, hope you guys are good, naitwa Yang. I’m pleased to meet you all.”  Huh. He speaks Swahili, fluently in fact. That came as a shocker and Grace noticed it on all their faces. She had left out that part intentionally.


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