Your Favourite Restaurants at your Doorstep

Kicker: If meal planning stresses you out and cooking is really not your thing, meal delivery services take care of planning all of that for you. Let the meals come to you.

Meal delivery services do this with super easy step-by-step instructions on your phone. Sometimes you may be too busy in the office, working late or just simply need food delivered to your room.

Every day, bike riders make at least 1,000 food deliveries in Nairobi. Some even plan on doing drone deliveries by 2021. All of these are online orders from the uncountable food delivery apps. These apps incorporate almost all restaurants in the city  meaning you can get whatever your tastebuds are craving.

There is just something cool about picking up your phone, seeing the foods on the menu that you didn’t even know existed, and then being able to get it delivered right to you wherever you are, whether at your house or your office, whether you are hanging out in the park, whether you are with friends or alone.

You could argue that meal delivery is pricier than buying your own ingredients, but it’s still so much cheaper and convenient than most restaurants.

Here’s some ways how meal delivery services offer you the utmost convenience.

  • No more throwing out extra non-eaten food sitting around in your refrigerator for days or week. Plus you can also order food for the exact number of people you want to. That’s savings right there.
  • Ordering in means you will end up going out to eat less.  This in turn means saving more.
  • Going to the grocery store and buying food takes time; and as the saying goes, time is money.
  • No dishes. Ordering in means you won’t have to worry about the hustle of cleaning up the mess that is cooking and preparing your food.
  • Food delivery apps reward loyal customers with vouchers. This means you at time order foods at reduced prices.
  • You can pay from wherever you are. With food delivery apps, you can even order food for someone from a foreign country and just sort out the bill via phone money transfer.
  • Online food delivery apps have all sorts of cuisines. You can order Kenyan, Mexican, Inidan and even Chinese cuisine without having to visit the place.

The bottom line is the cost is quite reasonable and that’s why so many people have regular subscriptions and say that using meal delivery services has truly been life-changing.