CHIPUKEZEEY – Good old Muthokoi Days

CHIPUKEZEEY – Good old Muthokoi Days

Good old Muthokoi Days

High School, especially if you were in the 8-4-4 system was really tough. We had to get something to spice it up and make it worthwhile. Apart from funkies, food was really crucial. Some of us had really subpar food daily and that one signature meal that was everyone’s favourite was really valued. We even had some custom ways of making it tastier.

In this new segment titled ‘Enzi Zetu’, we go back in time to our high school days with some of your favourite celebrities. For our first issue in this new decade, we talk to comedian Vincent Muasya aka Chipukeezy as he takes us into his high school days.

ENZI ZETU - Good old Muthokoi Days
ENZI ZETU – Good old Muthokoi Days
  1. Which high school were you in?

Ala, the one and only Tala High School.

  1. Take us back to your high school days and tell us about your favourite meals.

Our high school menu was simple. We had Muthokoi daily for lunch. Friday’s was however slightly different as it was served with some meat. That was my favourite.

We even used to mix it up with some Blue Band making it really awesome.

  1. Were you friends with the Dining Hall / Kitchen staff?

Yes. The guy in charge was called Mr. Kilema and he was my guy. He used to add me tu nyama and viazi when serving. I also got fairly huge portions when served.

I remember one time he really came through. There was this funkie at our school and I took a girl to the DH to impress her. Luckily, Mr. Kilema came through and we had some muthokoi.

ENZI ZETU - Good old Muthokoi Days
ENZI ZETU – Good old Muthokoi Days
  1. Do you cook or eat outside?

I am usually busy during the weekdays. So from Monday to Fridays I eat outside. Weekends however are for eating indoors.

  1. What do you cook mostly?

Indomie noodles. It’s really easy and fast to make.

  1. What was your first meal to backfire?

Ugali. I remember trying to make ugali but ilichomeka mbaya sana. The whole house was really smoky too. Through the days I have however perfected my ugali.


 Quote:  I ate Muthokoi daily for 4 years…”

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