Flying Fantastic

Flying Fantastic

Doing the same workout routine over and over is not only boring, but ineffective. Why not try a sexy fitness class? You’ll have fun and get in touch with your sensual side’all while getting an intense workout.

If heights aren’t your thing, this workout may not be either. Aerial fitness (including pole, hammocks and aerial hoop). While Aerial fitness trend is not yet mainstream, it may become more popular as suspended workouts such as AntiGravity Yoga and Jukari Fit to Fly have broken onto the fitness scene.

If nothing else, this form of movement is certainly breathtaking to watch. If you’re game to try a class, Shakti Studio 254 will do just that, your strength, flexibility and stamina will all be put to the test. Your training program should target all your muscle groups equally if you want to see an overall development of your body. Here are 6 reasons why Pole & Aerial Fitness will help you achieve your dream physique.

Aerial Fitness

Build Strength

Aerial is fantastic at helping to improve muscle strength for anyone, especially in the upper body and core. Consistently coming to class week after week, you are likely to notice a change overtime. If you stick with it, those beginning aerial moves that once seemed so hard will one day seem super easy.

Relieve Stress

Exercise is a great way to reduce stress. It helps to release tension, improve your sleep, and elevate your mood.  Not to mention, it’s hard to be stressed when you are having fun.

Creative Outlet

Dancing through the moves, whether freestyle or choreographed, allows you to express yourself creatively and work on your artistic skills. Putting together sequences allows for endless combinations of moves to which each individual can add their own flair.

Build Coordination

Practicing aerial tricks will help increase your body awareness and balance. You’ll get a better understanding of how your body moves and what you are capable of. Plus, all of that strength you are building will help you to have greater control of your movements.

Build Confidence

Aerial will help to increase your confidence in yourself. Every time you come to class, you are challenging yourself to try something new. Maybe it’s a new trick or a new way of moving that is completely outside of your comfort zone. When you look back and see how far you’ve come in your aerial journey, you’ll be proud of yourself and of all of the amazing things you have done.


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