DISHY JOINT- Friday Anthem @ Chep Chikoni

It may look like your average food joint, but Chep Chikoni’s eateries is anything but!


Chep Chikoni Eatery, Ngong road brunch, is the highlight of Adams Arcade. It is located at the just before the petrol station and adjacent to Green House.  The 1-storey mall building where the new eatery is located is among the newest facilities in Adams.

Chep Chikoni’s eateries is not new to the market. This branch comes 4th in the chain of eateries owned by the popular 26-year-old food entrepreneur, Hodiah Hourldar Chepchirchir alias Chepchikoni. The joints are known to cater for the hunger needs of everyone with its menu ranging from simple Manadazi to Biriyani.

Just as you enter Soko Safi strip Mall, A beautifully designed banner of Chep chikoni eateries wall branding welcomes you to the African themed restaurant.  Such a beautiful space!! The ambience is to die for with floral drip hanging from the ceiling. The well-lit counter captures your eyes as the wall décor takes you on a tour. It’s just a scene to die for as the aroma tickles your pallets. A perfect example of a modern representative of African roots. Simple, elegant and it could easily scoop dishy best restaurant design of the year.


Well, so every Friday we have this office thingy where we visit different restaurants. We are usually a crew of three unless Peter tags along. (He’s always busy so….). Immediately we stepped in, Nelly was already obsessed with the balcony space as so we all followed suit. Being a Dishy joints fanatic, I can tell you I had the same feeling when I stepped to the Qwetu Usiu branch facility. The space is just so inviting. Dining-in under the panaroma sunroof is so fulfilling. Anyway, my apologies for the digression. I already knew what I wanted to have in my mind. It’s popular. It’s one irresistible offer. I watched Nelly and Sandra peruse the menu for like 2 minutes, popping the question “Hii ni Tamu? Na hii?”. It was clear we would stay here forever; everything is nice in here.

I placed the order “Friday Anthem, sinia for 3 na Juice please”. My tone looked so convincing. They all looked contended as they gave their juice flavours. The restaurant was filling up quickly (it was almost 12.30:00 pm) but we managed to snag a table. In bearly 2 minute in, the juices were served- Chilly and refreshing. 3 minutes later the sinia was served too. Goodness on one table. Talk about Kenyan foods, with an extra twist. I could tell from the smiles on their faces, the Fries, Cumin Chicken, dry fry pork, cumin & raisins rice, salad and Kachumbari just oozed deliciousness. For 1200 bob this is not just a jack port, it’s a mega one too. The chicken crust was crisp, flavorful, and chewy. The toppings worked together beautifully. The fries and pork were packed with flavor, and the cumin rice had a great consistency and very little oil. We ate to our feel, every bite tasting better the prior one. Every burst of flavour could be felt, perfectly complementing. The service is good and timely to cup it off. By the end of the meal, we were planning our next visit.

Accompanied with the good vibes, this is definitely a place to pop in for some affordable yet tasty meals

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