Classic lemon drop cocktail

No drink is perhaps more popular for bachelorette parties and ladies’ night than the classic lemon drop. This classy clinker hits all the right spots: sweet, tart, and sour.


120ml Chrome Vodka

30 ml triple sec

60 ml simple syrup

60 ml lemon syrup

1 Lemon Zest

Lemon Drop Cocktail Recipe - Amanda's Cookin'


1. First, sugar the rim of your glass. Place the sanding sugar in a shallow dish big enough to fit the mouth of your glass in.

2. Wet the edges of the glasses (using either simple syrup or water) and then immediately dip the edge into the sanding sugar, rotating to coat the edge completely. Set aside.

3. In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add the remaining ingredients.

4. Attach lid and shake well.

5. Divide the lemon drop cocktail between your glasses.

6. Zest two small strip of lemon skin from your lemon, and then twist well. We like to use a chopstick or a skewer to wrap to skin around.

7. Garnish the glass with the lemon twist and serve.

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